How to Establish Connectivity with Solace Pubsub+ Platform in Boomi


In this blog, we will see how to establish Connectivity with Solace in Boomi.

What is Solace and Solace Connector?

        Solace is a queue used to achieve throttling and reliability. We have an OOTB  connector in Boomi to connect with the solace which is Solace PubSub+ – Partner connector.

        Solace PubSub+ – Partner connector makes it easy to implement asynchronous, event-driven integrations leveraging Solace’s event streaming and management platform through Boomi Integration.

Steps to establish connectivity with SOLACE.

Step 1:

  • Signup for Solace using the below URL
  • For signing up give respective credentials

Step 2:

Once we login to solace we need to create a service,For that select Cluster Manager

Step 3:

Click on + to create new Service

Step 4:

Fill out all the details for your messaging service, and then click “start service” at the bottom of the page

Step 5:

Log on to Boomi platform ( with required credentials i.e.

Email Address and Password.

Step 6:

Once logged into Boomi platform, we will be able to view Home page.

Step 7:

Now, click on Services followed by Integration. We will see the Build page. Click on New.

Step 8:

Once, clicked on New, we will be able to see three fields i.e. Type, Component Name and Folder.

• Select Type as process as we are building a process. Component Name and Folder can be given

based on your choice (i.e which name to be given and where do we want to create the process).

Click on create.

Step 9:

We see that the process gets created with a start shape which is configured with AS2 Shared

Server by default.

Step 10:

Select the start shape and choose No Data. Click ok.

Step 11:

Drag  Solace PubSub+ Platform-Partner  Connector  onto process canvas and configure Action, Connection.

Step 12:

Select action to send and click + to configure the connection

Step 13:

Now,for connection details goto Solace PubSub page and select the service(Test Service) which we have created in step:4.

Step 14:

Next select connect tab.

Step 15:

Select Solace messaging and copy the connection details

Step 16:

Configure the values for Username,Password,MessageVPN,SMF Host

Step 17:

Now, for API Token goto Solace PubSub page and select User and Account

Step 18: Select Token Management from the drop down and click on create token button.

Step 19:

Enter the name for Token Name,Select one permission and click on Generate Token.Copy the generated Token

Step 20:Enter the generated token value and Click on Save

Step 21:Click on Test Connection and Select the atom

Step 22: Now Connection got established with SolacePubSub Platform



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