How to consume SOAP service in Dell Boomi?

This blog demonstrates how to Get and Set DDP’s in Groovy Script

In this blog, let us see how to consume aSOAP service.

  • To consume SOAP service in boomi, we have a connector called “Web Services Soap Client” through which we can invoke the soap service exposed by third party.
  • Here, We will be consuming add operation of  calculator soap service which tales two values as input  i.e. intA and intB  and returns the addition of given values as the response.

Now, let us see the steps of “how to consume SOAP service”.

Step 1:

Firstly, create a new process in process in Boomi with a start shape od No Data type and search with keyword soap in shape pallete, you will get to see “Web Services SOAP Client” connector.

Step 2:

Drag and drop “Web Services SOAP Client” connector onto the process canvas and put it after the start shape.

Step 3:

Now, we have to configure 3 things in the connector i.e

a) Action

b) Connection 

c) Operation

Step 4:

We will have only one action i.e EXECUTE as we are consuming the service. Click + for creating the connection and give it an appropriate name.

Step 5:

Copy the endpoint of the SOAP API for which we need to consume and paste it in SOAP Endpoint URL. If we append ”?wsdl” to Soap Endpoint URL ,it results into WSDL URL.

For example, If we would like to consume calculator service service with soap endpoint URL

Appending ?wsdl to the above endpoint results into the WSDL URL i.e.

We can sleect the type of security based on the security policy configured in the exposed soap service. Right now, we don’t have any security configured on the api being consumed . Click on save and close.

Step 6:

Now, we will configure operation in the connector. Click + on operation and hit import.

Step 7:

You will have to check “Browse in” as ATOM and choose the connection which you have configured in the connection part.

Click Next.

Step 8:

Select the object Type as Add (as we want to consume add operation of the soap service). Click on Next.

Step 9:

You see that the request and response profiles are loaded automatically based on add operation specifications in the wsdl.

Click finish, save and close.

Step 10:

If you click on the request profile, we see 2 parameters intA and intB for which we have to set values, 

Step 11:

To set the values, click on web service soap client connector and go to  parameters section.

Step 12: 

Once we click on add parameters , we will have to set 3 values i.e Input ,Type and Static Value.

Step 13:

Choose inputas intA , Type as static and static value as 20 (we can give any value) and hit ok. Now, follow the same process to set the second parameter value i.e choosing input as intB, Type as Static and static value as 23. Then, hit okay.

Step 14:

Now, test the process and check for the response. We can see the addition of two numers which were hardcoded in parameters section in response.

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