How to install an Atom in Boomi- Learn Atom Installation

In this blog we will cover what is atom and how to install an atom in Boomi Prerequisites: The machine where atom is installed must have the internet connectivity Windows 32/64 bit OS

To begin with, let us see what is an atom.

Atom is a single-tenant, single node runtime engine to execute the integrations developed in boomi. We can install Atoms directly into your local network which is required for an on-premise deployment model.

Now, let us see the steps to install an atom

Step1: Firstly,  log on to Boomi platform ( with  user name and password. 

Step 2: Once, you have logged into Boomi platform, you will be able to view Home page.

Step 3: Now, click on Services followed by Integration. You will see Build page.

Step 4: Click on manage

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