Introduction to Dell Boomi Atomsphere

Introduction to Dell Boomi Atomsphere

It is a leading multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes that transfers data between cloud and on-premises applications.

It is the leader as per Gartner’s iPaaS magic quadrant:

Few things one need to know about Dell Boomi Atomsphere Platform:

=> How to access the platform:

Dell Boomi Atomsphere is a leading iPaaS which can be accessed from a machine with good internet connection. It doesn’t require installation of any software.
It is a single platform which facilitates   :
1) Code Development
2) Compilation & Testing
3) Configuration & Deployment 
4) Monitoring 

=> Build Phase in Boomi 

It is the initial phase in the Integration lifecycle. Using this tab in Boomi Platform a developer can design and implement the integration processes between two or more cloud and on premises applications leveraging different component and shapes.

This tab also allows us to unit test the code.

=> Deploy Phase in Boomi

This phase allows one to deploy the integration processes to the Boomi Atom for Saas,Paas or Cloud integration or safely behind your firewall for on-premises applications.
Boomi Atom-THE INTEGRATION ENGINE is a Patented, lightweight, dynamic distributable runtime engine based on Eclipse Jetty.

=> Manage Phase in Boomi

This is the last phase of Integration Lifecycle in Dell Boomi. This tab helps operations team to monitor and maintain the status of all deployed Atoms, integration processes, trading partners regardless of location using a web based dashboard.

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