Terminologies Every Dell Boomi Developer must know

Terminologies Every Dell Boomi Developer must know

Dell Boomi Overview

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is multi-tenant cloud based integration platform that facilitates data and application integration.It is a leading iPaas which helps to create intuitive integration on cloud. This platform has rich set of connectors to facilitate cloud, on premises and hybrid Integrations.

Terminologies Every Dell Boomi Developer must know :

1.    Component
Components are reusable “Objects” created once and referenced by process shapes across multiple processes.

Here is the list of components used in Dell Boomi:

a)    APIs
b)    Certificates
c)    Connections
d)    Connector operations
e)    Cross Reference Tables
f)    Document caches
g)    Maps
h)    Map functions
i)    Processes
j)    Process properties
k)    process routes
l)    Profiles
m)    Queues
n)    Trading partners.

2.    Connector
 Connectors get data into and send data out of processes.
 The connection represents the “endpoint” and contains the physical connection details, such as an FTP or database host, a web services URL and/or login credentials.

 The operation represents a specific action to perform against that connection, such as a database SELECT query.

3.    Document
A document is a set of data that goes through a process. It is a Run-time component. It can be a single record, a group of records, an EDI transaction or an entire file.

4.     Execution
 An execution is the result of running a process. It helps to view the data passed into and out of the process, detailed logs and error

5.     Map
It transforms data from one format to another such as XML to JSON etc:

6.    Process
It is an integration between two or more systems.Every process begins with a Start shape that gets data from some source and usually ends with one or more connectors to send the data to the destination(s).

7.     Profile
A Structure or layout of the data to be processed. Different types supported in Boomi :
DB, EDI, FlatFile, XML, JSON

8.    Shape
A graphical presentation of “action” items of Boomi. These are linked together to form the business logic for a process. These help in performing execution tasks like routing ,document splitting and data transformation

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