Bridging the Gap: A Case Study on Seamless Integration for Global Chemical Manufacturing



In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by our client, a leading global industrial player in the chemical manufacturing business, specializing in oil and chemicals materials. With a diverse range of applications and databases, the company required a robust integration solution to establish seamless communication and data transfer with clients and partners. To address these needs, they turned to TGH, a trusted IT integration consultancy, to enable business growth, agility, and profitability.


Problem Definition


The client aimed to set up a reliable integration between their internal applications and vendor systems/databases to enhance their business operations. They faced the following challenges:

·       Lack of sustainable interface for seamless business interactions with partners.

·       Seamless data transformation and timely completion of transactions.

·       Short integration timeframe with minimal disruption to existing business processes.


Business Goals

Business Benefits


 The company is operating in more than 100 countries and facing the challenge to set up the integration between its application and vendor’s system/database. TGH collaborated with the client to achieve the following business objectives:

·       Integrate Applications: Develop a robust interface using the Boomi platform for smooth integration between the client and their partners, facilitating seamless business interactions.

·       Data Synchronization: Extract data from the client’s application, transform it into multiple desired formats, and transfer it to destination applications, ensuring efficient data synchronization.

·       Quality Assessment and Mapping: Implement consistent mapping of documents to accelerate outcomes and ensure high-quality data integration.

·       Database Integration: Integrate the company’s databases with their clients’ and partners’ business platforms, enabling real-time interactions and improved efficiencies.

·       Training and Capacity Building: Conduct knowledge transfer sessions to strengthen the client’s in-house experts, equipping them with drag-and-drop technology for quick system connections.


·     Real-Time Updates: Enable real-time product and pricing updates, ensuring quick completion of transactions and enhanced customer experience.

·       Unified Cloud-Native Platform: Integrate every aspect of the business on a unified cloud-native platform, fostering seamless collaboration and leveraging data capabilities.

·       Increased Productivity and Automation: Boost productivity by automating processes and eliminating manual tasks, resulting in significant cost and effort savings (20-30%) for the client.

·       Business Process Optimization: Leverage the power of Boomi to optimize business processes, accelerate agility, and improve operational efficiencies.

·       Smooth Integration with Minimal Disruption: Implement the integration solution seamlessly without disturbing ongoing business operations.

Technology Stack:

Integration Tool: Boomi

Touch points: Workday, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, SFTP


Through TGH’s expertise in IT integration, the client successfully streamlined their business processes, improved efficiencies, and achieved their integration goals. The seamless integration solution empowered the client to enhance their competitiveness in the global chemical manufacturing industry and drive business growth.