NetSuite and Shopify Integration

Streamlining E-commerce Operations

NetSuite and Shopify, the two popular platforms with their integration capabilities provide businesses with a comprehensive solution to streamline their e-commerce operations. NetSuite is an integrated solution known for its robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that provides accounting, CRM, and inventory management capabilities. Shopify, on the other hand, is an eCommerce selling platform that allows businesses to sell their goods and services online with an enormous library of themes, plugins, templates, and multiple apps. It allows enterprises to scale their businesses by managing large inventory, and anywhere logistics and assists in increasing sales.

The integration of these two flexible business platforms allows businesses to streamline processes, improve inventory management by seamless transfer of product information, pricing, and order details, create a centralized hub for business intelligence reporting and KPI metrics, and enable salespeople to make more informed sales decisions. It is a must-have solution for businesses looking to grow their e-commerce business.

TGH with a mission of Making Integrations Simpler is accelerating the enterprise’s performance, workflow, and operations through NetSuite and Shopify Integration. Shopify and NetSuite work in tandem resulting in the maximization of ROI and that is why so many successful companies have chosen TGH to integrate the two platforms.

TGH’s team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses integrate NetSuite and Shopify so that their e-commerce business seamlessly manages the storefront with back-office processes and can achieve maximum efficiency and growth. Some of the services we offer include:

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Data Synchronization

NetSuite and Shopify integration ensures real-time data synchronization between the two platforms. This means that any changes made in one platform will be automatically reflected in the other. This helps to eliminate data entry errors, hassle-free product listings and saves time.

Order Management

With integration, Orders and Customers are synchronized in real-time from Shopify to NetSuite, i.e businesses can manage orders from a single platform. This includes order tracking, invoicing, and shipping. This makes the order management process more efficient and saves time.

Inventory Management

Real-time syncing of POS orders and the NetSuite system of record improves and strengthens inventory management and the ability to monitor all the business’s sales. It also enables businesses to make informed decisions about inventory levels based on real-time data.

Financial Management

NetSuite and Shopify integration provides businesses with a seamless financial management solution. This includes accounting, payroll, and tax management, payment automation, bulk payment reconciliation and credit card batching. This helps to improve financial visibility and saves time.

Customer Management

The integration of NetSuite and Shopify enables businesses to manage their customer information from a single platform and automatically synch Customer Relationship Management records in NetSuite to Shopify customer records. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and saves time.

Boomi’s integration platform allows for seamless integration between NetSuite ERP and Shopify. Let the TGHs Solutions team of Boomi Certified Partners assist you with the implementation of your integration plan.

Why choose TGH as your Integration Implementation Partner?

With our vast experience in the NetSuite ecosystem and a track record of successful projects, we are the partner of choice for businesses looking to integrate NetSuite and Shopify. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help elevate your e-commerce business.