This case study focuses on the successful migration of an American industrial company from Oracle SOA middleware to Boomi, cloud-native integration platform. The company specializes in designing and building specialty trucks, military vehicles, truck bodies, airport fire apparatus, and access equipment. With approximately 16,000 employees worldwide, the client sought digital transformation to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency. TGH, a trusted IT integration consultancy, provided a comprehensive solution to address their challenges and achieve their business goals.

Problem Definition

The client recognized the need for digital transformation to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and optimize their business processes. They wanted migration from middleware Oracle SOA to Boomi, to optimize the processes and lower the cost and efforts.

The challenges they faced included:
  • Need for Digital Transformation: The existing middleware, Oracle SOA, was complex, required high maintenance, and did not align well with cloud transformation initiatives.
  • Cost and Effort Optimization: The client aimed to reduce costs and efforts associated with maintaining and managing Oracle SOA middleware.

Business Goals

The client collaborated with TGH to achieve the following business objectives:

  • Migration from Oracle SOA to Boomi: Develop a migration strategy from middleware Oracle SOA to Boomi, leveraging the cloud-native and intuitive features of Boomi’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).
  • Process Optimization: Identify opportunities to optimize business processes and achieve cost savings of 20-30% through efficient integration practices and automation.
  • Seamless Migration: Ensure a smooth and disruption-free migration process without impacting ongoing business operations.

Solution and Business Benefits

To address the client’s challenges and achieve their business goals, TGH provided the following solution.

  • Optimum Platform Migration Strategy: TGH developed a detailed methodology and standard formats for the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition from Oracle SOA to Boomi.
  • Architectural Designs and Conversion Automation: TGH created architectural designs for Boomi and automated the conversion process, enabling efficient integration practices and minimizing manual efforts.
  • Go-Live and User Acceptance Testing: TGH conducted comprehensive testing and validation processes, ensuring a successful deployment of the Boomi integration platform.

Advantage through this Integration

The implemented solution delivered the following business benefits

The implemented solution delivered the following business benefits:
  • Cost and Effort Savings: The migration to Boomi resulted in 20-30% cost and efforts savings for the client, compared to maintaining and managing Oracle SOA middleware.
  • Business Process Optimization: Boomi’s cloud-native platform allowed the client to optimize their business processes, improve operational efficiencies, and accelerate agility.
  • End-to-End Functional Testing: The integration solution enabled end-to-end functional testing processes, ensuring the reliability and performance of the integrated systems.
  • Minimal Business Disruption: The migration process was executed without any disturbance to ongoing business operations, minimizing the impact on daily activities.
Technology Stack

Integration Tool: Boomi
Touch Points: Oracle Database, Basware, Baseplan, Mail 

By partnering with TGH and migrating to Boomi, the American industrial company achieved significant cost savings, optimized their business processes, and improved operational efficiencies. The seamless integration solution enabled the client to embrace digital transformation and leverage the benefits of a cloud-native platform, fostering growth and competitiveness in their industry.