Live Data Transactions with High Availability : Case Study of Boomi as middleware


This case study focuses on the successful development of Real time Integrations for a UK based organization who deals with stock exchanges related operations. The client needs to provide real time data on the website dealing with Stock related information and client selected Boomi to Integrate the website’s backend with the 3rd party systems. TGH, a trusted IT integration consultancy, provided a reliable solution to achieve their business goals. 

Problem Definition:

The website presents live data related to Stock Market indices and it depends on two external systems for data. These systems are not capable of creating or reading events. Here, Boomi provides a solution with Synchronous APIs which are deployed over a Group of Atoms.

There are millions of users who access the website, so client want to have secure and reliable real time data transactions with high availability between the web application and the 3rd party systems.

Challenges and Operational Issues:

Main challenge was to provide secure data transactions with highly available event driven and synchronous integrations which will execute in less than 3 seconds without outage.

Also, continuous monitoring of transactions was required.

Business Goals

The client partnered with TGH to achieve the following business objectives:

  • Implement Boomi iPaaS:  By choosing Boomi as middleware, company leveraged the cloud-native and intuitive features of Boomi.
  • Process Optimization: Client discovered opportunities to optimize business processes and achieved cost and time savings by 25%.

Solution and Business Benefits

To address the client’s challenges and achieve their business goals, TGH provided the following solution.

  • Optimized Architectural Designs : TGH created architectural designs for Boomi and developed the finest Integrations.
  • QA  and UAT Testing : TGH provided QA and UAT testing and support, ensuring a successful deployment to Boomi.
  • Infant Support : After production deployment TGH provided 2 weeks Go Live support ensuring the client satisfaction and reliability of development.

Advantage of this Integration:

The implemented solution delivered the following business benefits to our client:

  • Monitoring : With Boomi process reporting continuous monitoring of each and every transaction was possible.
  • 24X7 Availability  : Deployment over a Group
    of Atoms provided high availability of Data over the Web pages.
  • Cost and Effort Savings : The option to Boomi resulted in 20-30% cost and efforts savings for the client, compared to maintaining and managing other middleware tools.
Technology Stack

Integration Tool: Boomi
Touch Points: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), SQL Server DB, Datawarehouse

By collaborating with TGH and switching to Boomi for Event Driven processes, the organization achieved significant cost savings, optimized services, and improved functional efficiencies. The seamless integration solution enabled the client to provide better customer oriented services and leverage the benefits of a cloud-native platform, fostering growth and competitiveness in their industry.