Seamless Salesforce-to-Touchpoint Synchronization: Overcoming Legacy Challenges with TGH


This case study focuses on the successful data synchronization of an American cloud-computing company from Salesforce to touch points through the Boomi integration platform. The company mainly focuses on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry applications and has more than 875 customers, ranging from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs. The client needs to automate events that are created in Salesforce. TGH, a trusted IT integration consultancy, provided a comprehensive solution to address their challenges and achieve their business goals.

Problem Definition:

·       Challenges with Legacy System and Outdated Methods: The client was facing many issues with the old connector and code changes are taking a long time in the old connector, along with that in the old connector they are following legacy methods which are not updated like SalesForce upsert and some other logics.

·       Customized Functionality for Diverse Clients: With a diverse customer base, the client aspired to provide tailored functionalities tailored to different customers based upon their requirements.

·       Adaptability for Managed Customers: It was paramount that any developed code could seamlessly adapt to cater to the specific needs of the client’s managed customer base.

·       Efficient Deployment to Boomi Account: Whatever the code we developed should work for its managed customers and we need to deploy the working code to their Boomi account. Which we achieved through Integration packs.

Challenges and Operational Issues:

Customer faced several challenges and operational issues related to data synchronization, including:

·       Profile Adaptation for New Customers: Handling dynamic profiles was a pivotal challenge. This involved accommodating profile changes whenever a new customer was added to the system.

·       Custom Scripting Solution (Groovy): Tackling this challenge necessitated the implementation of custom scripting using Groovy. This scripting approach effectively managed dynamic profile changes, ensuring smooth system operation.


Business Goals

·       Collaborative Business Objective: The client partnered with TGH to accomplish a crucial business goal: achieving seamless data synchronization between Salesforce and Touchpoint. 

·       Design and Development Strategy: TGH formulated a comprehensive strategy to synchronize data between Salesforce (SF) and Touchpoint, the Event Management Tool, ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

Technology Stack

Integration Tool: Boomi
Touch Points:  Salesforce, TouchPoint event Management, Azure DataBase, Azure log Analytics, JPMx

Through diligent efforts and strategic interventions, TGH successfully facilitated seamless data synchronization between Salesforce and Touchpoint for the American cloud-computing company. Overcoming challenges rooted in legacy systems and outdated methods, TGH provided a tailored solution that met the diverse needs of the client’s extensive customer base. This accomplishment stands as a testament to TGH’s expertise in IT integration consultancy. Leveraging Boomi integration and a customized scripting approach, TGH not only addressed dynamic profile management but also ensured the efficient deployment of the solution. The collaborative effort between TGH and the client underscores the value of strategic partnerships in achieving critical business objectives.