Transforming Online Sales: Achieving Seamless Integration and Efficient Data Exchange


In this case study, we shine the spotlight on a leading manufacturer of multi-room audio and Bluetooth speaker products.  With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, The Customer has partnered with over 100 companies to offer music services. To further enhance their products, the company acquired a privacy-focused AI voice platform for connected devices, aiming to bring a music-specific assistant to its devices. To achieve their goals, The Customer turned to TGH, a trusted IT integration consultancy, for their expertise in digital transformation and integration services.

Problem Definition

The client aims to enhance their online sales capabilities by integrating with third-party vendors and ensuring seamless data interchange between platforms to meet customer demands effectively. However, they are facing challenges in achieving smooth integration and efficient data flow, hindering their ability to sell products online efficiently.

Business Goals

The Customer encountered various challenges and operational issues, which prompted them to engage TGH’s expertise in resolving these issues and achieving the following business objectives:

·       Data Integration Services: The Customer aimed to streamline data management across their applications and systems, irrespective of the cloud environment. TGH utilized the robust Boomi integration platform, AtomSphere, to seamlessly connect and manage both cloud and legacy data and applications.

·       Interface Functionality Requirements: To enhance the efficiency of their logistics operations, The Customer sought to integrate Logistic Service Providers (LSP) with their SAP system through a B2B ecommerce platform. TGH developed an API database to facilitate smooth integration, ensuring swift and seamless delivery to customers upon shopping.

·       Post-Integration Functionality Management: TGH provided comprehensive post-integration support to address any potential issues and ensure the continuous smooth operation of the integrated systems and data flow.

·       Seamless Integration with SAP and Data Reusability: The Customer aimed for seamless integration between their systems and SAP, enabling easy reusability of data and improving overall operational efficiency.

·       Error Management Dashboard: TGH implemented an error management dashboard to monitor and track the successful delivery of products from the Logistic Service Providers (LSP) to customers, ensuring a reliable and error-free process.


·       Timely Delivery: TGH exceeded expectations by completing the entire integration project in an impressive timeframe of 4 months, surpassing the initial estimate of 6 months. This achievement demonstrated TGH’s efficiency and commitment to delivering results promptly.

Solution and Business Benefits:

By leveraging TGH’s expertise and the Boomi integration platform, The Customer achieved the following solutions and business benefits:


·       Streamlined Data Flow: The integration between the Enterprise, SAP, and Logistic Service Providers (LSP) ensured a smooth and uninterrupted flow of data. This facilitated efficient data exchange and synchronization across the platforms, promoting effective collaboration within the organization.

·       Automated Business Processes: The integration solution automated key aspects of the business cycle, such as data order synchronization, invoice processing, shipment tracking, and transaction completion. By reducing manual efforts, these automated processes improved operational efficiency and accelerated order processing.

·       Ongoing Functionality Management: GH’s dedicated support ensured the continuous smooth operation and maintenance of the integrated systems. This allowed The Customer to focus on their core business operations while relying on TGH for ongoing support and system optimization.

·       SAP Integration & EDI Advantage: the integration solution enabled seamless data flow between the Enterprise, SAP, and Logistic Service Providers (LSP). This resulted in improved accuracy and efficiency in order synchronization, invoicing, shipment, and overall transaction completion time.


·       Enhanced Customer Buying Experience: Through automation and streamlined processes, The Customer achieved an enhanced customer buying experience, ensuring faster and more reliable product delivery.


Technology Stack

Integration Tool: Boomi

Touch Points: Boomi SAP, MS, SQL, Disk, Mail.

Through TGH’s expertise in digital transformation and IT integration consultancy services, The Customer successfully streamlined their operations, enhanced their customer experience, and achieved their business goals. By leveraging the power of the Boomi integration platform and their commitment to delivering exceptional results, TGH enabled The Customer to unlock the full potential of their digital capabilities and embrace the benefits of seamless integration in the era of digital transformation.